Drainage Systems

Effective, simple suction and evacuation systems can be used anywhere around the workshop. They do not take up space and integrate neatly into the existing fabric of any system as they utilise standard workshop facilities to run alongside your workforce giving a smoother flow of work - and oil!

The oil suction systems have been introduced to improve the oil draining operation in automotive workshops and also for Infield service. Each system has been specially designed to extract oil via the ADP drain plug, but the mobile units can also be used to recover oil via the the dipstick tube or by gravity in the conventional way.

The pit installed system can be used on a continuous basis draining from more than one point at once. The diaphragm pump will handle oil of various viscosities and will tolerate being run dry for short times. Basket strainers are installed at each inlet pump so that debris can be analyses and check valves prevent drain-back.


Pit System


Mobile Sump Drainage Plugs

The mobile units work by applying shop compressed air to a built-in venturi pump on the system which in turn evacuates the sump or tank. When the oil suction valve is opened, the oil is sucked into the oil storage reservoir tank on the portable unit. The airline can then also be disconnected or removed to drain the vehicles in remote places. The suction capacity on one charge is equivalent to 2/3rds of the available reservoir storage space so the system allows for a greater amount of versatility.

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