Eliminates Stripped Threads

ADP drain plugs are guaranteed for the life of the first engine of application against defects in materials and workmanship. Once fitted properly, the drain plug may remain in the engine unless physically damaged. To operate the drain plug it is only necessary to attach the drain hose.

As the drain plug is not screwed out of the engine, there is no risk of stripping the oil sump thread even if the sump is aluminium. It is also not necessary to replace the sealing washer at every oil change. If the ADP drain plug is fitted by the engine manufacturer there is no risk of stripping the thread at the first removal.

Fixes Stripped Threads

Stripped sump plug threads are often very expensive to fix involving the removal of the sump, re-tapping, fitting an insert etc. ADP drain plugs are available in so many thread sizes and lengths that the repair may be done by removing less material to fit the next available thread size. Occasionally only the end of the thread may be stripped so a longer drain plug thread will fix the problem.