Environmentally Friendly

By fitting an ADP drain plug, your vehicle is transformed into environmentally friendly transport that doesn't allow spillage or wasting of any sump fluids when contaminated / soiled liquids are being changed and replaced. This keeps the noxious substances well away from your local environment, allowing your surroundings to benefit from a healthy biocycle in their own natural state. Harmful or poisonous aspects of spills & leaks can be all but prevented, meaning less harm to your local area, fewer cleanup costs, and a greater working relationship with you and your neighbours.

Protecting natures beauty

Accidents and spills can easily happen from genuine mistakes, horse-play, lack of time, under-training, inadequate tools, or any other reason. Don't let a simple error cause you a huge bill. For the costs of a simple replacement plug you can have constant control over your waste liquid flow, all the time.