Drainers & Accessories

The drain hose is the tool that is used to open the valve on all of the ADP drain plugs. They are available with either a straight connector, or a 90 degree ‘right-angled’ connector depending on the position of the drain plug and convenience. For the Standard and Compact Series, the drain hose screws onto the bottom of the drain plug once the protective dust cap has been removed. As soon as you begin to screw the drain hose onto the drain plug, the valve inside the drain plug starts to open. At first the oil drains out slowly, but the flow rate will increases as you finish screwing the drain hose on.

Standard right-angled Drain Hose
Standard 90 degree ‘right-angled’ Drain Hose

Standard Straight Drain Hose
Standard Straight Drain Hose

Speed Click Range

The drain hose for the Speed-Click range is slightly different to that used for the Standard and Compact Series. Instead of having to slowly screw the drain hose onto the drain plug, just a gentle push is all that is required. This method is ideally suited to a large fleet of vehicles combined with a suction system, but it also suitable for small scale applications. With this in mind, the Double Clicker was designed especially for vacuum systems to eliminate the risk of oil flowing back through the pipe and onto the workshop floor when the system is not in use.

Quick fit auto drain plug connector
Quick fit auto drain plug connector


Compact right-angled Drain Hose
Compact 90 degree ‘right-angled’ Drain Hose

Dust Caps

With the Standard, Speed-Click and XXL Series drain plugs, a dustcap chain can be attached. This fastens the dustcap to the body of the drain plug, so once the drain hose has been attached to drain the oil, there is no risk of the dustcap being mislaid or damaged on the floor of the workshop. If your engine has a sump guard, an acoustic panel or the drain plug is difficult to reach, a dustcap remover and extended drainer would save precious time for instead of having to remove the whole panel, the fluid drain could be operated through a small access hole.

Drain plug with
dustcap chain

Magnet Technology

With the whole ADP drain plug range, a magnet can be fitted to the valve. The magnet then picks up any loose metal particles from the engine in the oil so they don’t damage the engine further but also the magnet stops the waste oil being contaminated. Once the oil has been drained using a drain hose, the plug can be easily removed and the magnet can then be inspected without risk of a sump full of oil emptying over the engineer.

Magnetized Plug

Oil Sampling Outlet

For the Standard Series of ADP drain plugs, a sample taker is available. This device will provide a narrow flow of fluid allowing a sample to be taken for testing purposes. As the sampler is made of brass, it can be easily cleaned thoroughly to ensure no cross contamination of fluids takes place.

Oil Sampler