Reduce Mess!

Once a ADP Drain Plug is fitted it stays for life, and you have your oil under your control. You can rule out messy oil changes with ADP drain plugs by using the drain hose, allowing the oil to be routed directly into a collection vessel. The drain hoses are available in various lengths according to your need. Where the engine is installed low down in a chassis, for example road cars, a short hose is usually adequate.

In construction equipment the engine is usually surrounded by ancillary units and pipe work, not to mention the general scale of the engine in comparison to an average combustion unit. As long as the drain plug is accessible to place your hose onto, the oil can be drained without coming into contact with these obstructions, and using adequate length piped into storage or containment.

Messy spills can proove costly

Some engines are supplied with side mounted sump drainage, often where the oil will hit suspension parts, exhaust pipes or drive shafts when using normal drain plugs. The side mounted ADP drain plug has been adapted for these situations and operate using a right angled drain hose to guide the oil in a vertical direction. The right angled drainer is also useful to drain oil from a bottom mounted plug where there isn’t large amounts of space below an engine such as in a generator set.

Once you have your drain hose ready to connect into position, you can use it to control the oil flow rate as you interconnect. The more the drainer is screwed on the drain plug, the greater the flow rate. Unscrew the drainer and the slow rate decreases and then stops. This is a useful advantage when there is more fluid to be drained than the container can hold!

No more messy oil drains