Reduces Downtime

The pay back from using ADP drain plugs is wide ranging. The savings start as soon as the vehicle enters the workshop for service. As all engineers know, if engine fluids are drained at working temperature, more of the contaminants held in suspension will be drained out. With ADP drain plugs, engine oil (and coolant) may be drained at working temperature.

To change the oil with a ADP drain plug, all you need is the drain hose, no matter what make the vehicle is. There is no need to find the right spanner for each drain plug. It is not even necessary to have a special oil collector as the drain hose may be inserted into the neck of a normal oil drum before the oil is drained.

As all the oil is contained between engine and container, there is no risk of spillage, therefore there is no clean up time required.

Downtime can be disastrous

Time is also saved as there is no risk of rounding over the drain plug hexagon or even stripping the thread. With conventional drain plugs, the hexagon head or socket often rounds over due to the use of the wrong spanner or because the plug is too tight. As ADP drain plugs do not need removing, there is no risk of this happening.

The ADP drain plug may also be used to refill the engine with oil. With a ADP fitting on the oil meter, the oil can be replaced quickly and accurately. As there is no drain down required, the dip stick can be checked immediately.