Speed-click Series Drain Plug

Femco's Speed Click range of plugs is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience using the 'clicker' drainage system, with a push on, pull off design of drain hose. This system is extremely user friendly and offers a considerable time saving, particularly beneficial when working with a large number of vehicles. The SpeedClick has been purposely designed for draining when used in combination with an extractor system, be that a pit based system or a mobile drainage unit.


SC and Drainer

SC and Drainer



  • Metric sizes M12 - M50
  • Imperial sizes ½" - 2"
  • Any thread type: Metric, Unified, British Standard, Parallel or Tapered Pipe Threads
  • Solid brass construction
  • Strong Stainless Steal interior spring
  • 3 sealing O-rings to avoid leakage
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Combine with a suction system for increased drainage speed

SC Drainer

Compact Design, small series



  • Speedy push on, pull off draining
  • Allows safe draining of oil at engine temperature
  • Reduces the risk of oil spillages in the workshop and environmental implications
  • Oil is contained from sump to container
  • Eliminates the risk of stripped threads
  • Tool-less oil changing, all you need is the drain hose